A Capella Groups

Amaze and wow your guests with an incredible Acapella Group. These professional singers harmonise, hum, beat-box, chorale & blend their vocals together to create the most stunning, impactful performance.


A Cappella ensembles are a vocal group traditionally consisting of four or more members who sing in unison, harmonising their voices. They create vocal covers of music in a very unique way without the use of any instruments. They’re like a contemporary choir but with a bit more x-factor. Usually different members (soprano, alto, baritone, bass, tenor) of the acapella group will sing different ranges in the music to fill out the sound


Wow Factor

Acapella groups are such unique musical performances – unlike anything else. They produce the perfect pitch, they create the unexpected and perform vocal gymnastics like you’ve never heard before. Whether you’re interested in more of a contemporary a capella performance with beat boxing – or a more classic jazz quartet style/barber shop vibe – we have the right group to fit your brief.

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