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Great Gatsby Band


Our Great Gatsby Band sets the mood for any Roaring 20s themed Gatsby event! They will have you jiving, bopping & dancing your way through the night. If you’re trying to set the mood and create a jazzy atmosphere, then our band members have you covered. Have a thorough read of their setlist to see the jazz standards & swing music that you can expect to hear on the night. 

great gatsby band for hire
great gatsby band for hire in melbourne

Great Gatsby Music

Please note that a lot of the soundtrack songs from Baz Luhrman’s 2013 movie are pretty “heavy” & not generally suited to the first few hours of an event when you’re trying to create a Great Gatsby vibe. While the songs work amazingly to sculpt the scenes in the movie, swing-jazz is usually the most appropriate music for setting the background atmosphere at a Roaring 20s themed event. This is what our band specialises in, with a couple of the Gastby classics thrown in. If you’re at all unsure, please have a look through the setlist linked below.

great gatsby band for hire in melbourne


Select the number of band members in your Great Gatsby style jazz band. Usually 4-5 pieces are recommended, however, you can go as low as 3, or as many as 10! The serenading sounds of the saxophone/horn section combined with the groovy rhythm section will have you clicking your fingers, tapping your toes & itching to get onto the dancefloor. Check out our amazing Great Gatsby Dancers to create a highlight show-stopping piece paired to the soundtrack from Baz Lhurman’s 2013 movie.

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