flash mobs



Wow your unsuspecting guests with a surprise dance performance, guaranteed to shock and excite! Performers will mingle discreetly with their audience, dressed as waiters, guests or staff, before launching into an energetic and spectacular dance routine.

flash mobs
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Flashmobs are a flexible entertainment option and can be tailored to any theme, song or dance style, creating a fun and funky performance that will always lift the energy in the room and get the dance floor pumping. Watch the audience gasp and chuckle as they realise the performers were under their noses the whole time! You, your friends, family or bridal party can impress everyone with a few moves too.


We can teach you a section of our routine and make sure you look incredible so that your guests are blown away when you become part of the show. Featuring talented professional dancers and acrobats this stunt is always a memorable part of every event.

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