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Ben is an incredibly talented DJ & professional collaborative saxophonist with over 15 years of experience on his sax. He started his career in Bands and ensembles before moving into the DJ-Sax space. Ben loves nothing more than ripping an improvisational horn line on the top of all kinds of music in the middle of the dance-floor. He can play sax alongside just about any genre. Everything from the top hits of the 50s through till the 00s. Or event on top of some great vocal house tracks for your canapé time.

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During the week, Ben is a professional Sax teacher, training the next generation of horn players both privately & through many reputable schools. This compliments his weekend performances where he’s filling dance floors at Melbourne’s most reputable Weddings and Events. Ben says that teaching mid-week means that he’s forever practising and improving his sax performance.

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Ben has performed at some of Melbourne’s most prestigious venues & locations including The State Library of Victoria, and popular wedding destination Rupert on Rupert. He’s got extensive experience as a freelance performance artist which compliments his stage presence and charisma. Ben is eager to please, and is dedicated to a very high standard of professionalism when it comes to his craft. You’re in very safe hands when booking Ben for your next wedding or event.

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