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Lukas believes that the entertainment factor in his performance is just as important as DJ ability. He is extremely lively in his performance, he’s personable & he places his guest’s enjoyment first and foremost. Lukas has a very versatile setlist and can perform a wide variety of genres. He’s comfortable spinning everything from top hits of the last 40 years, to Hip-Hop, to EDM, to your greatest wedding classics. So no matter what dynamic the crowd is vibing, he can whip up a seriously good playlist.

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Lukas grew up in a culturally and artistically diverse household that resulted in a massive range of musical tastes that he was able to benefit from when he started learning to DJ. He has direct experience in all things music, entertainment & audio-visual. Throughout his teenage years, he worked in his family restaurant rolling out weddings. This meant that he was exposed to all sorts of entertainment, suppliers & event knowledge that he’s picked up and now uses as the foundation for his performance as a DJ.

dj lukas in melbourne for hire


Every year, Lukas has served as the New Years’ Eve DJ to a crowd of over 200 people for Massaro Winery. He’s just as comfortable performing in front of a more intimate crowd of under a hundred & knows how to build an incredible dance floor to events of all sizes. Lukas takes pride in being punctual and prepared. He’ll liaise with you in the week leading up to your event to ensure that your requests are combined with his professional selection to guarantee an incredible night for all involved.

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