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Nathan has performed across Melbourne in various capacities as a DJ! From his own R&B/Soul faves across venues in Australia to your favourite pop tunes at bars and cafes in Melbourne. He’s grown up passionate about the sounds of the 50’s all the way to the present day, making him perfect for whoever the crowd may be!

#1 DJ Band with Nathan C
DJ Band with Nathan C


Nathan is a true professional when it comes to ensuring that his clients & couples have the best possible day. No matter the event, Nathan will add that soulful touch to any special occasion. From his range of experience, he adapts and knows the perfect time to play the perfect song to fill the dancefloor. Nathan’s knoweldge of music extends through every decade. He knows how to read a crowd & structure his performance so that there’s a bit of something for everyeone.

DJ Band with Nathan C


As a bit of a hobby, Nathan also dabbles in electric & acoustic guitar. Having performed on stage in a few bands, he’s used this performance experience to compliment his DJ ability through song from & structure. He’s got everything he needs to curate a wonderful DJ set to get everyone dancing – as well as keeping the crowd entertained being the Master of Ceremony when needed!

#3 nathan c acoustic soloist


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