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DJ Saxophonist



With over 10 years industry experience as a drummer and saxophonist, Tim is an enthusiastic performer that will bring a smile to your face, and is bound to rip a roaring solo in the middle of the dance floor that is guaranteed to get your guests boogieing. Both friendly and approachable, he will be an asset to your special event.

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Genre Guru

Tim has extensive knowledge of musical genres and is more than happy to take audience requests to live mix into his sets. From Diana Ross to Dr Dre and everything in between, if you want it you got it. He is a one stop shop for your performance needs.

#2 tim dj sax for weddings in melbourne

The Aim

Tim’s aim is for you and your guests to have the night of your life. He has an ability to read the room to ensure that everyone is engaged, having fun, and will keep the dancefloor hot until the end of the night.

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