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Tyla has a double degree in Arts and Secondary Education (Honours). Her major was Performing Arts, minors were Psychology and Film. She was part of the Arts society at Monash University and helped run big social events. Whilst at uni, she had a radio show that made single uni students date on air blind folded. After that show had such a positive response she decided to go down the path of broadcasting.

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Tyla joined SYN, JAIR, Southern Fm and Golden days radio. With multiple shows at each station, she decided to also start up her own podcast. Shortly after she was given a job at SYN as an educational trainer. She helped bring in school groups, and taught them how to broadcast. Then started working at Southern Cross Austero. Tyla was a digital content creator for 101.9 the Fox and Triple M. She helped out in various other roles around the office. Tyla was then poached for a Media teaching position at secondary school.

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Whilst always having a flare for the performing arts, she decided to spend more time this year pursuing some of her other interests. She has worked for over 10 years in the disability sector. From co-ordinating summer camps to directing drama therapy groups, she have always loved to help support those around her. Tyla currently work at for an aged care NFP, and she loves visiting the residents and performing for them. Tyla is a massive foodie and loves blogging about the best places to eat in Melbourne. After finishing school she spent time traveling, one of the things she did was Camp America. Tyla was the drama counselor there, and helped direct and put on 3 musicals for hundreds of people.

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