F45 DJ Initiative

F45 DJs

We're seeking F45 gyms to partner with as means of training our up & coming DJs. We are continually on-boarding new DJs & need events to train up our DJs before we're comfortable selling them to our wedding, corporate & function clientele. Some of our DJs already perform at various F45s across Melbourne, which is what has given rise to this idea.



Access to professional, reliable, affordable presentable & enthusiastic DJs. More time to spend running your gym, rather then searching for & scheduling DJs.



Reliable stream of work for our DJs to build up their hours behind the decks.
Gym sessions don't clash with our peak-time: Friday & Saturday night events.



  • F45 asks MEC for DJs on particular dates & the location of each gym
  • F45 pays our DJs directly, we have no intention of making any money on this partnership
  • There's to be no discussion of additional work outside of Gyms with these DJs without the prior discussion with MEC
    • This partnership is purely for the 2-4hr DJ sets (usually held on Saturday mornings) to help F45 manage their DJ pool, and assist us in getting our DJs trained up and more experienced.
    • We do not wish for the gyms to be booking our DJs directly, they must come through us. However they can pay the DJs directly
  • Pay rates: $40 per hour - minimum 3hr session (based on rates at other F45 gyms)
  • In 6 months time we'll be charging our clients $1,000 for these DJs. But in the meantime, we need to get more hours behind the decks.
  • We have a very high expectation of entertainment factor & we would invite you to provide feedback on their performance to better them.
  • DJs are to arrive with their decks 20 minutes prior to the start time & plug into the existing speaker system
  • Speakers can brought in & set up by MEC setup at gyms at an additional fee
  • We currently have capacity to service 2-4 gyms, once those spots are taken up, we'll have to wait until our next intake of DJs to expand to further F45s


Contact General Manager Nathan on 0418 562 578 or nathan@melbentco.com.au