The best magician hire melbourne has to offer

So you’re on Google and you’re looking for a magician in Melbourne right? A professional magician is the perfect unexpected addition to any event. From stage performers, to roving magic shows, these experienced professionals know how to add a special touch of magic to your event. With illusionists, Card Tricks, Fire Acts and more, our creative tricksters will fool & stun you when you’re least expecting it.

Our magicians typically work as either a roving magician (for a set number of hours), or performing a specific stage routine. Roving magic is more suitable for ‘in the background’, non-intrusive entertainment, whereas a stage-show requires a bit more. A stage show will require everyone’s undivided attention for the duration of the show. There are also typically some AV requirements such as a wireless headset microphone & speakers to project the magician’s voice.

If you’re looking for the best & most professional magician in Melbourne – look no further. We have a variety of magicians available for hire. We have family friendly magicians, as well as comedic & corporate magicians to suit an older demographic. Prepare to stun, wow, shock and amaze your guests with sleight of hand card tricks and more. Step asideĀ David Copperfield, our Magicians have got you covered. Prepare for some some incredible magical tricks and illusions that will be the talking point of your next event.