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Tom P.


Tom is an English born, Australian raised musician whose main goal in life is to play music for people and make it mean something, whether that’s a special wedding song for the bride and groom, or a pub classic that takes you back to your youth. From singer-songwriter to pub singer, or wedding artist to corporate gigger, Tom’s done it all.

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Tom P Acoustic


Tom has performed/gigged at over 100 gigs per year since 2018 and only adding more as time goes on. His passion for music extends from the professional to the private realm as he is currently studying a BA in music as well as receiving a formal education in vocal training, guitar and piano.

Tom P Acoustic DJ

Passion for people

Tom combines his passion for music with his passion for being around, and interacting with, people. He likes to listen their stories and enjoys playing a small, but significant and memorable, part of their lives through the medium of music and live performance.

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